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Fawaz and Blessing: The e-session

We very much enjoy wedding photography for the joy of love, capturing emotions and the startling desire and passion to be with one, the very other and forever and always.

This is not like every other tale, not a princess was born, no silver spoons neither glass slipper. Fawaz happens to be a good friend and brother but in this tale, Blessing has been indicted, his love, his heart.

So this very early Saturday morning, the Obligato team and our August shoot planner and couple’s friend, Ibukun, made our way down to La-Campagne tropicana just on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria. We also had the delight of some extra FAB (now to replace Fawaz and Blessing) friends to enjoy the laugh and sights of a couple in love.

Quick run through, just like lion king one and half which gives a behind the seen glimpse of the Simba’s story, Ibukun shared with us the making of the couple which FAB gladdingly confirmed.

And the church guys rule! Fawaz was just a young professional dancer, friend and brother to Ibukun who was invited to assist the church youth group at a certain dance rehearsal. So by now we should say “it was all you IBk!!!”

In Ibukun’s words: “Blessing and I were close friends and on the dance team together, infact she was kind of a star in the group. So perhaps there was a natural chemistry between them. But the magic didn’t happen on-stage, but off-stage”

So this very day, Ibukun had asked Fawaz to make sure Blessing got home safe after rehearsals. One bus ride, and we guess the rest is history. Apparently they hit it off; or rather Fawaz was interested and took initiative or better still seized opportunity.

“It took a while, but not too long before I started getting the updates about their progression. Their journey started one bus ride 7 years ago, and these two have been riding strong ever since” said IBk.
Their e-session was fun, never seen any two enjoy each other so fondly. They jumped, hugged, smiled and we did help them trigger those emotional moments in their history to help create those starting pictures like we always do.

To be candid, it was quite a long day (we continued on to Lekki for the rest of the shoot) but not one that wasn’t worth it. In IBk’s words, the rest is history… But the history begins here, the emotions and love boldly written… Two love birds right on their way down the aisle.

View the full gallery here:

P. S. We were very pleased and delighted to see Blessing selected to join the Baileys & BellaNaija #BBNWonderland event: view the event story on BellaNaija here



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