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Getting the Best of your Wedding Photography

Your wedding is some months away and plans have begun in earnest to ensure your dream fairy-tale wedding comes to reality. Documenting the memories is a must for you and you’re already looking and asking friends for names. I have a drawn up a few tips to ensure you derive maximum return on your wedding photography investment.


  1. Plan and hunt ahead: You probably have a list of wedding photographers whom you’ve seen their works and would love to document your wedding story, but it’s also good to quickly prune them down to a maximum of three. You want to ensure that after much negotiations, your choice photographer has your day free on his calendar for your wedding photography.



  1. Meet up with your photographer: I mostly insist an engagement session/meeting with my couples ahead of the day for a number of cogent reasons. Even though you’ve had a few wowing selfies with “Bae”, you certainly want to get comfortable at and with him in professional shots. More so, you kind of give the photographer a highlight of what he should be looking out for on the wedding day – your best poses, your awkward smiles e.t.c. Probably you’ve not done a dip before and your photographer is similar to myself who has got a few “super clichés” he always takes. You also get a good time to get intimated and probably practice ahead.

Obligato Wedding Photography


  1. Clear all doubts: I have seen the most wonderful client-vendor relationships go sour because of “I thought you meant…”, yes assumptions. From a little mail to a signed contract, it is sometimes best to get clarity, and when in doubt, request for clarifications on gray areas of the service you’re about to get. In practice, I get to know those clients who are a little bothered about how their pictures get out in the public when they peruse the privacy section of my contract.

Obligato Wedding Photography Contract


  1. State the “must-gets”: “Hello… I’m looking through my pictures now and cannot seem to find a picture of myself and the family from Scandinavia, I really really wanted a shot with them, did you happen to catch any?”. Yes, so photographer “sharp shooter” should know, but I always advice if he doesn’t offer you the “photography list form”, come up with a list of (or discuss) compulsory shots which you’ll want him/her to get on the wedding day outside his creative gumption.



  1. Start early & plan well: I have “helplessly” had a few weddings where “Aunty Joanna” comes to chase everyone out of the hotel because the Minister has ordered the commencement of procession… painfully enough, we weren’t able to shoot some portraits in that stunning Vera Wang gown. So my 2cents, plan with your planner to have makeup and styling commence early to ensure you give your photographer some ample time to get those shots before you dash to church. Also, have your planner work with the photographer to allot time for the bridal portraiture.



  1. House rules: Hypothetically, no one is allowed to walk within 5 metres of the chancel whenever the priest rings the bell thrice during the kiss; to avoid having the ushers throwing out your energetic “sharp shooter” who would unknowingly breach this rule for ignorance, inquire of all possible ceremonial location rules and inform your photographer. Where possible, discuss with the officials for possible exclusions. This also extends to invites and special tags to the reception just in case you’re planning this ahead, you might just save the photographer the embarrassment of being bounced.



  1. Choose your friend: I can’t say how much I enjoy shooting those brides with whom I have broken down those alien vendor/client walls to ensure they feel safe enough to trust me with every perfect and seemingly “un-perfect” moment of their wedding tale. As much as you can, try to chose and get along with that dude/babe whom you’re hiring as “The Receiver of memory”… you need him/her for your happiness after the event.



  1. Smile and Have Fun: After all, it’s your wedding! Enjoy every moment of that day and catch all the fun you can… you’ll laugh harder when you see those thrilling memories that will trigger the joyful tears in years to come.



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