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Hello world! – Obligato Creative Studios

Welcome to Obligato!

Our very first post tries to answer one of the very questions I’ve been asked by most people intrigued by our works and the beauty behind its creativity.


Just this very line: “What does Obligato mean”


As usual, even as I’m typing this out at this instant, I smile… and this is how the story eases out a possible simplistic definintion

Ever studied music or had friends who would chant those spanish musical terms like poco-a-poco (little by litle)? etc So, an obligato or its variant obligatto In classical music usually describes a musical line that is in some way indispensable in performance (wikipedia).


Creatively, we are that part of the whole creative sphere you wouldn’t do without; we complete the creativity, beauty and glamour in your ideas and events.


We are Obligato!


Obligato is one of Nigeria’s Wedding Photographers creating startling memories from Top Nigerian weddings (in this content, Nigerian Pre-weddings / engagement sessions) and lifestyle moments. Book us today for your #ObligatoLoveTale

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